Freedom From Drugs and Alcohol for 30 Years

by Don on June 29, 2016

Dear Alcoholic, Drug Addict, Sex addict, Sinner,

WeedWhy did I drink, use drugs, use sex, for 17 years? That is a deep, profound, complex question???

I drank,  got high , had sex to escape…to feel emotionally numb. Where are all my memories, feelings, emotions? They’re dead…in a coffin. Living a secret- a deep trauma of guilt, shame, resentment, self-hatred,  in bondage, in fear of speaking out, not able to trust. Living in a house where no one listened or really loved me.

BeerAfter being sodomized at the tender age of ten by an adult male, I decided to lock up all my emotions, feelings, and love. I became my self-appointed doctor and psychologist. Treating myself with alcohol, drugs, and sex. I sang the song of me + me + me and more me. Over and over again. Wanting to die. Like being in a dryer and forever spinning out the tape of death. So I killed my mind, my body, and my soul. I was dead as long as I was comfortably numb. The disease of addiction and I were best of friends. Destroying my family, friends, wife, kid, what did it matter? Who cares? Surrounding myself with all the same people who sang the same me + me + me song. All the drama and chaos became my family of death.

How did things change? Can they change?

FreedomCome back next week for more of the story. In the meantime, you can listen to my podcast to hear my conversion story… Prayer, affirmation, love, and truth are some of the keys that unlock your prison door. So you can move back into your own home (yourself). Take control of moving your head into your heart and soul.

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